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We are the experts in Enterprise Content Management.

Thank you for considering Balboa Peaks in choosing a support source for your document management needs. Our customers see us as the vital link between a box full of software and an efficient, robust, scalable and lasting solution to their document management requirements. We hope you'll find what you need but please contact us if we can further assist you.  We are the recognized experts in all matters relating to the Kofax / Magellan / Gauss / OpenText document management systems, so whether you're looking at a complete system, new modules, a system health check, a new scanner, some administrator training, a system upgrade or some additional licensing, please contact us. We also specialize in the migration process away from your current Magellan / Gauss / OpenText product. 

The Kofax Capture Experts
To be certified as a Kofax Technical Solutions Specialist is an achievement in itself. Certified Kofax Technical Solutions Specialists have demonstrated product knowledge and ability far above the everyday user. We are product "experts."

We have over 400 Kofax Capture installations under our belt and bring that experience to your organization. We can help you architect a robust system which will be readily adopted and provide measurable efficiency improvement.

An important distinction about Balboa Peaks is our focus on your investment, not your user-license count. Our goal is to help you gain the maximum benefit from your Kofax investment and to provide you with the knowledge you need in order to efficiently manage your system as it expands and evolves.
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