Invoice Data Capture

Invoice Data Capture with Kofax Transformation Modules

Every technology goes through a cycle of invention, improvement, acceptance and mass market utilisation. Invoice Data Capture has finally come of age and the latest Kofax Transformation Modules system enables you to add this technology to the Kofax (Ascent) Capture system. Whatever ERP or Accounting system you run your business on, KTM enables automated data entry. Purchase-to-Pay and Accounts Payable Automation is now a reality.  Extract all invoice information, including line items, and enable automatic posting of invoices into any ERP systems, including SAP, Oracle Financials and JD Edwards.

With Kofax Transformation Modules, AP departments achieve:
  • Automatic posting of invoices. Kofax Transformation Modules link directly into purchase order data to enable matching as part of the capture process.
  • High levels of invoice extraction from Day 1. Learn-by-example technology automatically learns how to extract data from invoices of any format with a high degree of accuracy. The result is a quick-to-configure and easy-to-maintain solution that handles all your invoices.
  • Automatic improvement of performance on-the-fly. Unique on-line learning capabilities automatically update the system's knowledgebase as it runs. As more invoices are processed, more data can be extracted automatically, leading to a greater return on investment.
  • Clean and valid data. Extensive validation options help the solution deliver clean data into the ERP system, reducing costly processing exceptions downstream.

Can be integrated with DocManager and your iSeries applications... or whatever.

KTM Integrates into Kofax Capture and thus data extracted from invoices can be output directly to iSeries databases via the DocManager (SpyView) system.  Once on the iSeries, the data can easily be manipulated as required.

Consequently, SpyImage / ImageCapture users have a great head start towards implementing the technology.  In most cases the current scanning hardware will be suitable and the Kofax licences are utilized too.

We know you will want to talk to us about this, so please be armed with the following information.

  • The number of your suppliers
  • The number of invoices per month
  • Do you operate multi currency?
  • What accounting system do you use?