Kofax Capture Upgrade

Your Kofax System Is Working, So Why Upgrade?

It's an understandable philosophy: Why fix a system that isn't broken?  Here are just a few of the reasons to upgrade to Kofax Capture 10.1

  • Versions under 9.0 are unsupported.  If you are running any version named "Ascent Capture" (i.e. V1.0 to V7.5) or are running Kofax Capture 8.0, then your software is now several versions behind and beyond support. (End of Support for Kofax Capture 8.0 Versions ended January 1, 2013)  This means that even a simple .net change introduced by Microsoft's updates could bring your system to a halt, with no expectation of a fix.  This represents a clear and present risk to your business.  Upgrade now!

  • You are rolling out Windows 7 within your organization. Versions below Kofax Capture 9.0 (KC9) do not work with with Windows 7, so an upgrade is essential. Call on Balboa Peaks' expertise to assist you with plans and help you understand the options available. For example, many scanners are NOT compatible with Windows 7 x64, including all SCSI based scanners.

  • You wish to move into automated data capture for invoice data extraction or electronic mailroom functions. These are both demanding applications and it is essential to start with the most capable image capture software.  An upgrade should be stage one.

  • You need to implement virtualized Windows Server 2008R2 or Windows 2012 systems in your data center.  Both of these operating systems do not operate with Kofax Capture 8 (KC8), so an upgrade to at least KC9 is required or KC10 for Server 2012.

To Summarize For a Kofax Capture 8 System Administrator

You MUST upgrade your Kofax system so that you can :
  • Receive support from Kofax
  • Virtualize your server on Windows 2008R2 or 2012
  • Upgrade scan and index stations to Windows 7/8
  • Leverage the system to greater business advantage

Contact Balboa Peaks to talk about your requirements.

A more complete list of new KC10.1 features:

• Support for Windows 7 and 8 Professional and Enterprise, Windows   Server 2008R2, 2012, and IIS 7 and 8
• Auto Sign-Out After a Period of Inactivity
• Domain/Username Length Extended Beyond 32 Characters
• User ID Length Extended Beyond 20 Characters
• New Page Property to Identify Front or Back Side
• Support for Latest Microsoft Office Access Databases
• New Kofax Capture Values
• Ability to Use {Batch ID} for Custom Batch Naming
• Additions to ACConfig.xml
• Handprint Property
• Document Separation Based on Bar Codes
• Bar Code Value Determines Form ID at Scan Time
• Support for Custom PDF Properties
• Compression Formats for PDF Output
• New Recognition Profile for PDF Output
• Support for PDF Version 1.7
• 'Text Block' Added to Advanced OCR Recognition Settings
• Document Analysis Setting
• Document Count Column
• Display Blank Page
• Select Separation Method at Scan Time
• APIs Converted to .NET