Balboa Peaks Integrates Kofax with Microsoft SharePoint

Kofax Capture® automates the capture of information from documents and forms, and delivers reliable, retrievable information into your business applications.

SharePoint Scanning
Kofax Capture is a modular application that can be used right out of the box to meet the information capture needs of a specific department and expanded with modules to meet the complex requirements of a high-volume enterprise.

A low cost and simple solution to add a second repository for business continuity and future proofing for your current Document Management System

Your current Document Management System will eventually be replaced. Imagine how useful it would be to store your documents in two places.

A PC file server running Windows Server 2008 or 2012 with a terabyte of disk space can be bought for under $4,000.

Download Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 or SharePoint Foundation 2013 for FREE.

Balboa Peaks can configure your Kofax release to send duplicate copies of all documents to the SharePoint server, which then keeps the second copy securely accessible via a browser.

In the future you might upgrade to the full system, but many users are happy with the simple and effective toolset provided by SharePoint Foundation 2013

  Capture Documents, Data and More

Kofax Capture delivers powerful, production-level document and data capture. For document capture, it boasts the fastest, most flexible scanning and indexing solution around. For data capture, Kofax Capture extracts important information such as machine-printed text, bar codes, hand-printed words and even checked boxes.

What’s more, Kofax Capture uses the same powerful indexing and validation process to capture information that doesn’t start on paper, such as electronic documents. This means your workflow or content management system receives consistently indexed content- no matter what the source, and your enterprise benefits from reliable, easy and fast retrieval of all your information.

Many vendors will provide you with a framework to store documents.  Balboa Peaks can help you push the documents in easily, effectively, and at the right price.
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